Unbranded XX-A304253 Power cord 230V (black)

Item No. XX-A304253
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Power cord 230V (black)
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Power cord 230V (black)
Euroslot No
Power plug type NO PLUG
Suitable for type number RK-6117 RK-6126 RK-6127 RK-6129 RK-6140 01.212040.01.001 01.271935.01.001 01.271950.01.001 01.312295.01.004 02.210300.01.001 LE-207784MT LE-207836MT LE-227792 LE-227794MT LE-247003 01.312295.02.001 01.312296.01.003 01.312297.01.001 LC-207082 LE-157772 LE-157773 LE-207782 LE-227010 LE-227012 LE-247000 LE-247002 LE-247802 TFDVD-2022HD TFDVD-2320HD 901.312295.003 LE-157774MT LE-207780MT LE-207781MT LE-247001MT TFDVD-1515MT TFDVD-1517MT TFDVD-1520MT TFDVD-1522 TFDVD-1522MT TFDVD-2022MT TFDVD-2318MT TFDVD-2320MT TFDVD-2322MT TFT-2360MT RK-6140SY RK-6134SY RK-6129PRO 01.104020.01.001 01.104040.01.001 RK-6132
Main material Plastic
Voltage(V) 12-24/100-240
Certification status Not approved
Frequency(Hz) NA
Colour Other
Eco-mobilier FR NA
Item is or works on batteries No
Item is or needs adapter No
Number of products in package 1
Quality mark KEMA No
Wattage(Watt) NA
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